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Meet Danielle Deane-Ryan, Director of Equitable Climate Solutions


“Environmental justice is about making sure that people and nature are both thriving.”

Having grown up in Trinidad and Tobago, Danielle Deane-Ryan witnessed the oil industry’s environmental impacts. On the one hand, oil spills could wreak havoc on beautiful sea, the marine life and human health. Emissions were causing climate disruption. On the other hand, the fossil fuel industry can boost economic development and wealth that pay for public investments in education and other essentials.

This instilled in Danielle a passion for working towards an equitable future that can deliver both sustainable prosperity for people and a healthy environment. It’s a passion Danielle brings each day to her role as Director of Equitable Climate Solutions at the Bezos Earth Fund.

Danielle champions climate and environmental justice investments that empower and support underserved frontline communities and their allies across different sectors, who are working to scale innovative solutions critical to achieving a just transition.

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