Centering Community Voices in Urban Greening Projects in Wilmington, Delaware

Breaking the cycle of environmental injustice in disadvantaged communities requires a sustained effort from state, local, and federal governments, and grassroots community organizations. And for urban greening initiatives to appropriately serve all community residents, ongoing relationship management among various stakeholders is essential.

To most effectively implement urban greening projects in Wilmington, including those funded by the Bezos Earth Fund, the Delaware Community Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to building opportunity and advancing equity by helping organizations maximize philanthropic impact, will host a Bezos Earth Fund Community Fellow who can partner with and support grantee organizations.

In alignment with the Delaware Community Foundation’s Healthy Communities Delaware network (HCD), a partnership between DCF, the University of Delaware, and the state Department of Public Health, the Community Fellow will serve as a liaison between community organizations spearheading urban greening efforts and state, local, and federal government officials.

Funding will also support community-centered site planning in Wilmington-area urban greening projects, community engagement and asset mapping initiatives, with an ultimate goal of improved access to urban green spaces and environmental protections for 86,000 residents in Wilmington and Claymont.

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