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    We select our initiatives carefully.

    We identify barriers and opportunities to advance key transformations. In some cases, our biggest impact comes in the form of basic or applied technical research. In others, we support on-the-ground action, de-risking investment, designing policy change, or coalition building, advocacy, or political action. We focus on the highest-leverage places and players: markets, geographies, ideas, and leaders that are most primed for change.

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    We focus on people.

    We approach environmental problems through the lens of human well-being, recognizing that the only way to achieve change on the required scale is to focus on solutions that make peoples’ lives better now and in the future.

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    We are driven by data and science.

    We move quickly to seize high-impact opportunities — always informed by the best science and analysis available. Where important gaps in science and data exist, we seek to address them through partnerships with leading institutions.

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    We dedicate ourselves to environmental justice.

    We recognize that climate change and nature destruction disproportionately affect poor and marginalized communities –– who are, in turn, key agents in finding solutions. We support environmental justice groups and programs to build resilience. Only a just transition can succeed.

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    We make smart bets when the potential gains are large, knowing that not every venture will succeed.

    The scale of the transitions required is huge and the path ahead is not always certain, requiring significant risk taking. The Bezos Earth Fund is in a position to invest in innovative strategies and pursue effective climate solutions that can have the most impact. But we will not accept failure when the path ahead is clear.

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  • 06.

    We lead with humility, acknowledging the great scale of the challenge.

    A single organization, nation, or individual cannot solve the climate crisis. Which is why the Bezos Earth Fund works closely with our partners in a collaborative role. Where leadership is needed, we will engage actively, building coalitions and catalyzing major financial packages.

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  • 07.

    We tailor the level of support to the need.

    The Bezos Earth Fund deploys grants when and where they can achieve the most good. In some cases, the timely provision of a $1 million grant will leverage a large change. In others, a $100 million grant can drive a game-changing shift in technology, policy, or behavior –– and catalyze billions of dollars of investment.

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    We are obsessive about results.

    We are swift to seize opportunities, but we also obsess over impact. We will monitor and assess results, and actively learn from successes and setbacks.

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  • 09.

    We bring insights to the debate.

    A journey of discovery and debate lies ahead. The Bezos Earth Fund engages actively in the technical, policy, and intellectual revolutions that will be required. We will communicate broadly and seek to understand and illuminate.

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    We know it takes everyone to solve the challenges we face.

    We will sometimes disagree over ideas, but we will not question others’ character. We will approach every interaction and relationship with a spirit of respect and open inquiry and seek to bring people together in pursuit of a better future.

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