How We Work

As we seek to fulfill our mission the following principles guide our work and inform our decision-making.

  • An overhead view of tall cliffs covered in green trees in the Herencia Colombia Forest.

    We select our initiatives carefully.

  • Villagers working in a field

    We focus on people.

  • A flat desert area with small shrubs and dozens of wind turbines with a mountain ridgeline in the background

    We are driven by data and science.

  • Overhead shot of a train in the city.

    We dedicate ourselves to environmental justice.

  • Lush green trees droop over the Congo River.

    We make smart bets when the potential gains are large, knowing that not every venture will succeed.

  • Executive chairman Jeff Bezos and vice chairwoman Lauren Sánchez of the Bezos Earth Fund shake hands with Gabon leaders.

    We lead with humility, acknowledging the great scale of the challenge.

  • Three Africans walk down a rural dirt road in the country of Sierra Leone carrying bundles of sticks over their heads

    We tailor the level of support to the need.

  • 08.

    We are obsessive about results.

  • 09.

    We bring insights to the debate.

  • An overhead shot of foamy, swirling ocean water.

    We know it takes everyone to solve the challenges we face.

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