Our Approach

Humanity has enjoyed great progress over the past half-century. But the price we have paid for these changes has been high. The good news is, we don’t have to choose between prosperity and the environment. See how the Bezos Earth Fund is working to address its twin goals of climate change and nature during this decisive decade.

We believe that humanity doesn’t need to choose between prosperity and a healthy environment. Evidence is clear that smart climate and nature actions can lead to a healthier economy as well as healthier people and a healthier society. The transitions that are needed are large and will often be disruptive, but with the right focus, leadership, and financing, they can be achieved. 

It is not too late, but the window is closing.

Our View of the World

The economy of 2030 and 2040 must be dramatically different from what it is today. Economic growth has brought great gains, but at too high a price in terms of pollution, climate change and the loss of nature. Radical changes are needed in the way we live and work as we decouple human progress from our environmental footprint. 

A Systems Approach

Solving today’s big problems of climate change, food security, forest protection, ocean management etc, requires a systems approach. We track the 50 transformations that need to take place this decade. In each of these an array of factors must be addressed, and a range of actors are needed to drive a solution. There are rarely silver bullets. It’s a jigsaw puzzle!

How We Work

As we seek to deliver our ambitious goals, we are guided by a set of ten principles (our tenets) relating to our focus, our commitments, our risk taking and our partnerships.

Our Ideas

We invest in big ideas

Incremental steps and half-measures will not bring about the transformational change the world so desperately needs. If we are to quicken the pace and scale of change, we must pursue new strategies and invest in bold concepts. Explore these big ideas and see how the Bezos Earth Fund is working to help the world take major leaps forward in the fight for our planet.

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