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Solving climate change requires more than lowering emissions. The Bezos Earth Fund focuses on spurring innovation and progress in several key areas that will help us move closer to a more equitable and sustainable future. We are committed to fighting climate change and protecting nature.

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    Conserving & Restoring Nature

    Nature solutions can accomplish more than one-third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. The Bezos Earth Fund has committed $2 billion to conserve and restore nature. We are working to conserve what we have and restore what’s been lost to protect nature and fight climate change.

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    Future of Food

    The food system is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. We must transform how we deliver healthy and diverse food to a growing population, using less land and drastically reducing emissions. The Bezos Earth Fund is committing $1 billion to help transform food and agricultural systems to support healthy lives without degrading the planet.

  • Individuals plant a new tree as part of reforestation efforts

    Environmental Justice

    The positive links between meeting climate, nature, and justice objectives are undeniable. Those least responsible for causing damage, suffer most from it. Frontline communities are also powerful agents of change. The Bezos Earth Fund partners with communities, coalitions, and initiatives that explicitly address these inequalities.

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    Decarbonizing Energy & Industry

    Our current emissions trajectory is heading in the wrong direction to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Decarbonization efforts aren’t scaling fast enough. The good news is we can change course. The Bezos Earth Fund supports innovative solutions to help decarbonize the economy.

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    Economics, Finance, & Markets

    The market economy can play a valuable role in shifting to a green future, but free markets alone can simply perpetuate past pollution and depletion. The Bezos Earth Fund is working to accelerate changes in goods and financial markets to create a virtuous cycle of investment, prosperity, jobs, innovation, emission reductions, and ecosystem protection.

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    Next Technologies

    Continuous technological advance will be essential to get us onto the right path and some problems will require technologies yet to be developed. The Bezos Earth Fund helps to advance promising new technologies that will reduce emissions, remove carbon, and protect our natural systems.

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    Monitoring, Data, & Accountability

    What's measured gets managed. Science and data are critical to solving the climate crisis, but too often, we lack information. It's inaccessible or lacks transparency. The Bezos Earth Fund invests in creating world-class data and science to inform priorities, track progress, and hold actors accountable to their promises.

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    We invest in big ideas for change.

    Incremental steps and half-measures will not bring about the transformational change the world so desperately needs. If we are to quicken the pace and scale of change, we must pursue new strategies and invest in bold concepts. Explore these big ideas and see how the Bezos Earth Fund is working to help the world take major leaps forward in the fight for our planet.
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