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About Us

This is the decisive decade

The Bezos Earth Fund was established with the largest philanthropic commitment ever to fight climate change and protect nature. The $10 billion grant commitment will be disbursed by 2030, the date by which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals must be achieved. We aim to harness the best of human ingenuity, adaptability, and collective action to create a future in which everyone can thrive.

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    Our View of the World

    Humanity has enjoyed great progress over the past half-century. But the price for these changes has been high. There doesn’t need to be a trade-off between greater prosperity and healthy environment. We believe there is a better path forward.

  • Executive chairman Jeff Bezos and vice chairwoman Lauren Sánchez of the Bezos Earth Fund shake hands with Gabon leaders.

    How We Work

    The Bezos Earth Fund was established with the largest philanthropic commitment ever to fight climate change and protect nature. As we seek to fulfill our mission ten principles guide our work and inform our decision-making.

We work for a world in which people and nature can thrive

The climate crisis will not be solved by a single country, a single company, a single person, or a single philanthropy. It will take all of us. And we can do it. We will work with grantee partners and peers to clear roadblocks to progress and build coalitions to transform systems across all areas of our economies and societies. Together, we build a stronger, more effective, and more equitable environmental movement.

Our Ideas

We invest in big ideas

Incremental steps and half-measures will not bring about the transformational change the world so desperately needs. If we are to quicken the pace and scale of change, we must pursue new strategies and invest in bold concepts. Explore these big ideas and see how the Bezos Earth Fund is working to help the world take major leaps forward in the fight for our planet.

Our Programs

We act with urgency at scale

Solving climate change requires more than lowering emissions. The Bezos Earth Fund focuses on spurring innovation and progress in several key areas that will help us move closer to a more equitable and sustainable future. We are committed to fighting climate change and protecting nature.

  • 10B Committed (USD) over the next 10 years
  • $2B Granted (USD) so far
  • 230+ Grants

Our People

We believe in teamwork

The Bezos Earth Fund is led by an experienced and diverse team with expertise in climate science, philanthropy, public policy, and social and economic development. Together, we work to identify the greatest opportunities and deploy the necessary resources to reimagine the way our world works.
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