Equalizing the Distribution of Green Spaces within Urban Latino/a/x Communities

Greening initiatives in Latino/a/x communities have historically received disproportionately low levels of funding. Recognizing that small, frontline Latino/a/x organizations have expert knowledge of the communities they serve and are thus best equipped to implement greening initiatives in those areas, GreenLatinos provides funding, advocacy, and network-building assistance to help such organizations thrive.

An organization designed to help equalize the distribution of green space within urban Latino/a/x communities, GreenLatinos will work with members in Albuquerque, Chicago and Los Angeles to identify and deliver one to two urban greening projects in each city as part of their award from the Bezos Earth Fund. Projects may include parks, community gardens, biodiversity improvements, and climate resilience and mitigation efforts.

GreenLatinos is also an expert service provider for the Greening America’s City initiative, providing support for local organizations in advocacy training and efforts to connect their projects to policies that sustain their work over time.

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