Expanding Green Parks, Communications & Cultural Strategy for Urban Greening in South Los Angeles

Black and brown individuals are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts such as extreme weather events, yet climate mitigation efforts often cause gentrification, which further compromises these residents’ well-being. The Hip Hop Caucus, a national environmental justice organization that promotes information sharing and community advocacy in disadvantaged communities, works to ensure that all residents reap the benefits of urban greening initiatives.

With support from the Bezos Earth Fund, the Hip Hop Caucus will conduct a series of public events and create media to raise awareness of four key urban greening initiatives in South Los Angeles. Engaging more than 10,000 residents in community activation events, film screenings, and digital media production, the Caucus will generate dialogue and advocacy in support of community-owned revitalization, economic development, and climate resilience efforts that bolster Black and brown neighborhoods rather than pricing residents out.

Through this multifaceted project, the Hip Hop Caucus aims to raise awareness of the role of urban greening in climate resilience, center resident experiences through community storytelling, highlight reparations-based community development models, and promote community involvement in urban greening initiatives.

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