Greening Urban America: Community Gardens, Native Trees, and Parks

Urban green spaces aren’t merely a way to beautify cities–they’re a vital community resource. Promoting physical and mental health, pollution reduction, climate resilience, and opportunities for job creation, access to green space has all too often been treated as a privilege rather than a right.

A vast disparity exists in the number and quality of urban green spaces in affluent versus low-income neighborhoods in America. With a wealth of expertise in helping under-resourced communities implement accessible, equitable urban greening projects, the National Wildlife Federation will support the work of Bezos Earth Fund grantees.

The Federation will offer technical support and resources to grantees in the areas of environmental justice issue identification, native habitat restoration, tree planting, park creation, community gardening, and capacity building.

Working to accelerate these organizations’ initiatives to remediate polluted land, create parks and community gardens, restore wetlands, plant native trees, and much more, the Federation will also foster partnerships with other Earth Fund grantees and provide guidance on scaling projects for broader impact.

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