Indigenous Guardianship & Organizational Strengthening in Roraima and Javari Valley, Brazil

There are 29 Indigenous Lands in Roraima, outside the Yanomami Indigenous Land. These lands are threatened by invasion from miners, rice producers and cattle ranchers. The Javari Valley Indigenous Territory is the size of Portugal and home to approximately 6,000 people, distributed over 80 villages. Combined, these territories make up 12.1 million hectares and hold 2.8 gigatons of carbon.

The Bezos Earth Fund will partner with Nia Tero to support Union of the Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley (UNIVAJA) and Indigenous Council of Roramia (CIR) to advance their territorial protection efforts in the Javari Valley and the Indigenous territories of Roraima. The project will focus on supporting Indigenous guardianship, including territorial protection, policy and legal defense across the Javari Valley and Roraima Indigenous lands, as well as organizational strengthening of Indigenous organizations and communications on Indigenous issues.

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