Jump-Starting the Global Clean Hydrogen Market

Bridging the divide between hydrogen suppliers and buyers and reducing the green premium are key to accelerating the clean hydrogen economy worldwide.

The scale up of production and use of clean hydrogen is critical for the global energy transition.
Photo credit: (iStock/audioundwerbung)

Clean hydrogen is a critical component of a successful energy transition – capable of fueling long-distance transport, powering energy-intensive industries, and solving energy storage challenges. Yet production and use of clean hydrogen needs to scale a thousand-fold by 2030 to meet global climate goals. Building – from scratch – an end-to-end global value chain for clean hydrogen to replace fossil fuels this decade is one of the greatest industrial shifts ever attempted.

The Bezos Earth Fund supports H2Global Foundation’s efforts to accelerate the emergence of clean hydrogen markets around the world. Serving as a market intermediary, H2Global bridges the different expectations of buyers and sellers, and brings in government capital to cover the price premium of clean hydrogen. Funding allows H2Global to scale beyond Germany and the Netherlands to support market creation in other regions, spurring further adoption of clean hydrogen.

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