Creating and Expanding Access to Nature and Healthy Foods in Albuquerque

(Photo credit: Los Jardines Institute)

Rectifying decades of social, environmental, and economic injustice requires high-level community organizing and close collaboration among equity-based grassroots organizations. For historically underserved communities in Albuquerque, Los Jardines Institute has been a leader in this effort for many years.

Partnering with over 60 community-based environmental justice organizations, Los Jardines Institute has collaborated with partners to reduce food insecurity, cultivate sustainable agriculture, reduce pollution in underserved communities, and increase access to healthy produce in schools.

With support from the Bezos Earth Fund, Los Jardines Institute will implement several new urban greening projects in and around Albuquerque. These initiatives include establishing new nature trails; creating a 2.5-acre park adjacent to the Sacred Roots farm site featuring educational nature trails, pollinator gardens, and native fruit trees and herbs; and improving access to sustainably grown, healthy produce from local farmer networks for environmental justice communities.

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