Protecting the World’s Largest Contiguous Territories of Uncontacted Indigenous Peoples

(Photo credit: iStock / FG Trade)

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, two areas flanking the Brazil-Peru border form the world’s largest contiguous territories of indigenous peoples that are yet to establish contact with the outside world. They cover 25 million hectares, an area larger than the UK, and consist almost entirely of intact tropical rainforest. The territories are under escalating pressures from both legal and illegal activities including logging, mining, infrastructure development, and agricultural expansion, threatening entire peoples and one of the most biodiverse landscapes on earth.

To ensure the socio-environmental integrity of the territorial corridors of uncontacted Indigenous Peoples are protected, the Bezos Earth Fund is partnering with the Rainforest Foundation Norway and Coordenação das Organizações Indígenas da Amazônia Brasileira (COIAB). This grant helps enable an Indigenous-led governance structure and designing a funding mechanism for corridor protection to be established.

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