Strengthening Local Government Project Capacity, Support, & Policy Advancement for Equitable Greening

While many US cities have pioneered innovative greening initiatives, these projects have often disproportionately benefited higher-income areas. Yet marginalized communities often bear the brunt of the environmental risks associated with climate change.

The successful implementation of nature-based solutions that support all urban residents equally requires close collaboration between city government officials and grassroots community organizations. To this end, Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) will serve as the local government coordinating partner for Partner Network organizations leading the BEF-funded Equitable Greening of American Cities program in Los Angeles (Green Cities California), Atlanta (Southeast Sustainability Directors Network), Chicago (Great Lakes Climate Adaptation Network), and Albuquerque (Coalition of Sustainable Communities New Mexico).

Drawing from their extensive experience in implementing nature-based projects and facilitating government-community collaboration, USDN and Partner Networks will provide project planning services, including training and technical support for local governments; managing relationships to ensure that city and community priorities are well aligned; and sharing best practices with personnel leading Equitable Greening projects in partner organizations to maximize program impact.

USDN will use data analysis tools developed through their Nature-Based Climate Initiative Solutions Initiative to measure program effectiveness, monitoring factors including economic inclusion, workforce development, and community health and well-being.

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