Strengthening Management of Indigenous Lands in Rio Negro

Aerial view of the Anavilhanas archipelago, Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil.(Photo credit: iStock / Valentin Ayupov)

Rio Negro is a remote northwestern region of the Brazilian Amazon, bordering with Colombia. It is home to record numbers of Indigenous groups who live in voluntary isolation. Its forests are healthy, making them particularly vulnerable to external pressures such as resource extraction at any cost.

All peoples of the Rio Negro are part of legally constituted representative organizations and hold leadership meetings where decisions are made over the collective governance of these 10 territories. Indigenous organizations in the region include the umbrella organization, Federação das Organizações Indígenas do Rio Negro (FOIRN). The Bezos Earth Fund is partnering with FOIRN to strengthen Indigenous governance systems and land guardianship of these sensitive ecosystems and support the protection of 13.5 million hectares of forests divided across these 10 Indigenous lands.

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