Strengthening Organizational Performance and Impact of African Restoration Champions

Accelerating restoration in Africa requires multi-year investment in local institutions. Kenya-based nonprofit Maliasili will engage restoration groups in leadership training programs and multi-year organizational development to sustainably accelerate the impact of local restoration activities.

Maliasili team members working with the Zambian Carnivore Program to identify ways to enhance their team's internal communications and management systems to support the implementation of their strategic plan. (Photo Credit: Roshni Lodhia)

Community-led restoration organizations across the Greater Rift Valley and Rusizi Basin engage thousands of smallholder farmers to restore degraded land, but these restoration champions often lack the capacity and investment needed to scale up their work. 

This project enables Maliasili, an organization supporting the growth of locally led African environmental organizations, to facilitate leadership development programs for four to seven restoration groups within the TerraFund for AFR100 cohort.

Groups were selected for multi-year organizational development to build capacity and extend the impact and reach of their restoration activities. With Maliasili’s support, these restoration champions increased their budgets by 15-20%, implementing clear growth strategies, and strengthening leadership and management techniques. 

This project enables these groups to increase restoration of degraded land in their communities by 15-20% over five years. By providing technical support and organizational expertise to the selected restoration groups, Maliasili works in partnership with restoration champions to overcome groups’ unique challenges and create individualized solutions to accelerate impact.

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