Training Senior Government Officials on Climate Action

A crowd of people move through the streets of a market in Beawar, India.
People move through the streets of a market in Beawar, India. (Photo credit: Sumit Saraswat / iStock)

The climate crisis requires new investments in human capital and meeting global targets depends on governments taking action. Yet most key public officials in high-emission countries lack critical climate skills and knowledge. The Bezos Earth Fund is a founding partner of the Government Climate Campus, which is working to address this green skills emergency in government. With a $2.3 million grant, the Earth Fund is partnering with the Campus to develop a curriculum and train the first 5,000 public officials across various levels of government and seniority in Brazil, India, and the U.S.

The goal, by 2025, is to educate 50,000 public servants in the highest impact roles, topics, and countries to cut emissions by 50% this decade. The Campus will be a one-stop shop for actionable climate knowledge and implementation skills in the public sector.

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