Utilizing Landscape Restoration to Build Sustainable Socio-Ecological Systems

Rwanda-based Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) will leverage the Bezos Earth Fund’s investment to deliver critical capacity building for community-led restoration.

(Photo credit: ARCOS)

This project in local capacity building will expand restoration efforts across Rwanda and Burundi in the Rusizi Basin. A leader in implementing community-led land restoration in Rwanda, ARCOS will build local capacity in landscape restoration techniques, project management, and site monitoring. ARCOS will host trainings for seven local NGOs and 100 Friends of Nature Associations, empowering community mobilizers to build a restoration knowledge network to reach 10,000 smallholder farmers across target landscapes. Trainings will strengthen the capacity of community members to turn locally managed restoration sites into sustainable socio-ecological systems. This project will also enable the restoration of 3,000 hectares to be used as model sites for community restoration education.

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