Meet Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO


When leaders convened for the Earth Summit 30 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, climate change was a future problem. Now, it is a TODAY problem. Since that pivotal conference, Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund, has been one of few leaders who continue to shape these critical conversations. Though the severity of the climate crisis has compounded in the decades following the Earth Summit, he remains hopeful. Dr. Steer notes, "Given the technology, the knowledge, and the financial resources that the world has today, there is no reason why we cannot solve this problem." What is needed to get there? "Irresistible and unstoppable" transitions through strong partnerships. Dr. Steer says we need all the pieces to solve the jigsaw puzzle – there is no single silver bullet. To succeed in limiting global warming, leaders must embrace change and collaboration to revolutionize our systems. This is precisely the type of change the Bezos Earth Fund is driving.

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