Meet Wanjira Mathai, Africa Advisor to the Bezos Earth Fund


The South African word "Ubuntu" captures the essence of our interconnectedness – I am because you are.

Nowhere is this truth more prevalent than in the climate space, where humanity's actions and progress in one region affect the lives of millions far away.

For more than 20 years, Wanjira Mathai has worked as an environmental leader, championing Africa's vital role in climate action and sustainable development. She advocates for social and political change through her inspiring work with WRI, the Earth Fund, Wangari Maathai Foundation, and the High-Level Group of the Africa-Europe Foundation.

"What happens in one part of the world, sooner or later, will end up at your doorstep," says Wanjira. 

It is a reality keenly felt in Africa, as climate change knows no borders. The continent contributed the least to the climate crisis yet suffers from its effects at much higher levels.

Wanjira has dedicated her career to ensuring that African solutions and voices – especially women and youth – get the prominence and visibility they deserve, and that they have the resources and technology needed to build resilience against climate impacts.

If we restore landscapes, protect natural resources, and ensure a just renewable energy transformation in Africa, as Wanjira notes, it will "make all the difference for economic prosperity and global planetary health."

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