Protecting the Heart of Africa and Lungs of the World


The Bezos Earth Fund has granted $110M to protecting the Congo Basin, a critical ecosystem the world cannot afford to lose. That’s why we’re collaborating with partners across governments, businesses, and civil society to conserve 30% of the region by 2030.

This July, Earth Fund leadership, including Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez and Andrew Steer, together with Jennifer Morris, visited Gabon, one of the countries in the Congo Basin region.

75 million people depend on the water, food, materials, medicine and shelter the Congo Basin provides. It is also one of the world’s largest carbon sinks and thus functions as the heart of Africa and the lungs of the world.

As Wanjira Mathai, advisor to the Bezos Earth Fund, notes, "It's going to take radical partnerships for us to get all of this work to add up to the impact we want to see."

Special thanks to our partners on this visit. Gabon’s President, Minister for Environment and partners from The Nature Conservancy, BirdLife International, Rainforest Trust, Rights and Resources Initiative, Wildlife Conservation Society, UNEP, World Resources Institute, UNEP-WCMC, the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, and the Campaign for Nature.

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