Accelerating Alternative Proteins for a Sustainable Food System

Sushi made with plant-based seafood (Photo credit: Antonina Vlasova / Shutterstock)

Alternative proteins like plant-based and cultivated meat can satisfy the growing demand for meat while reducing pressure on the planet, creating more sustainable livelihoods for farmers and other frontline food system workers while increasing resilience across the global food system. To be successful, they must reach taste and price parity to compete with conventional meat and be tailored to markets with high projected growth in demand.

In partnership with the Good Food Institute, a nonprofit think tank and global network of organizations focused on alternative protein science and innovation, the Bezos Earth Fund supports research to catalyze the development of alternative proteins. Specifically, it supports elements including policy, consumer, and market roadmaps to spur and sustain growth in specific geographies and foundational, open-access research grants to solve some of the most pressing R+D challenges in the sector.

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