Advancing Restoration in Africa

A group of women working in agroforestry restoration in Rwanda.
(Photo credit: One Tree Planted)

This initiative supports reforestation for AFR100, an Africa-led effort to bring 100 million hectares of land in Africa into restoration by 2030. Specifically, this project funds small businesses and community projects with grants and loans through the TerraFund platform to restore these landscapes. Projects will be monitored using the TerraFund monitoring, reporting, and verification protocol. The portfolio will generate 9,500 livelihoods, grow 14.8 million trees, and transform over 21,000 hectares of degraded land with robust monitoring tools to the top 100 restoration implementers. It will create both economic and ecological benefits for local African communities, and lay the foundation for an ambitious political and fundraising push in the lead-up to COP27.

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