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What's measured gets managed. Science and data are critical to solving the climate crisis, but too often, we lack information. It's inaccessible or lacks transparency. The Bezos Earth Fund invests in creating world-class data and science to inform priorities, track progress, and hold actors accountable to their promises.

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Without the right data and information, it’s impossible to make effective decisions, target drivers of change, hold decision-makers accountable, and put progress in context. Having clear data on the impacts of climate change helps inspire action and leads to solutions.

But too often, this kind of data is inaccessible or lacks transparency. We must ensure open access to data and make it easier for individuals, organizations, business, and governments to use.

The Bezos Earth Fund invests in projects and coalitions that use technology to collect, organize, and communicate data on key challenges and solutions, helping shape decisions across governments, corporations, local communities, and society.

We invest in satellite technology, measuring methane and land-use change. Our investments in the Data Collaborative provide critical data, analytic tools, and technical resources to help communities address environmental challenges. And we also support investments in transparency and accountability for governments, companies, and the financial sector.

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