How Urban Tilth’s “Grow Your Own” Approach Takes Root in Richmond, California


Urban Tilth, based in Richmond, California, embodies the spirit of "grow your own." For them, it's not only about cultivating crops; it's about nurturing a sense of self-sufficiency, resilience, and community strength. As their Executive Director, Doria Robinson, aptly puts it, "Grow the things you need to thrive."

In a world where access to fresh, healthy food remains unequal, Urban Tilth's mission stands as a testament to change. Through sustainable farming practices, community engagement, and educational initiatives, they are transforming not just the local food landscape but also the lives of countless individuals.

The Bezos Earth Fund is proud to have partnered with The Solutions Project to support incredible local community groups like Urban Tilth, nurturing change at the local level. Together, we're cultivating a more equitable and sustainable world, where healthy food is accessible to all.

Learn more about the North Richmond Farm here.

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