From Food Waste to Treasure Trove of Benefits


One plant byproduct in Rwanda went from food waste to treasure trove, revealing many hidden benefits to this creative entrepreneur.

Pierre Damien Mbatezimana’s work through Shekina and the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (#AFR100) is one example of the type of locally led restoration that the Bezos Earth Fund supports.

By creating a way to dry cassava leaves, Shekina:

  • Supports local farmers sustainably growing cassava plants

  • Provides a reliable and nutritious food for Rwanda’s growing population

  • Employs marginalized groups, like women and young people

  • Maximizes ecological benefits of a crop that keeps the soil from eroding, while providing shade for other crops

This type of business model is one promising way Africa can reverse decades of land degradation, while creating food security and jobs for its people. 

We’re proud to support locally-led projects and small businesses advancing Africa’s efforts to restore productivity to 100 million hectares of degraded and deforested land by 2030.

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