Meet Charlotte Pera, Vice President for Strategy and Programs


Charlotte Pera, Vice President for Strategy and Programs at the Bezos Earth Fund, has dedicated her more than 30-year career to clean energy and climate.

She also has a long history with philanthropy.

As President & CEO of the ClimateWorks Foundation (2012-2021) she led a team that provided global grant-making, collaboration, and intelligence services to the community of philanthropies working to tackle climate change.

“Philanthropic giving for climate mitigation has grown tremendously in recent years, but it still makes up less than two percent of total charitable giving,” Ms. Pera noted.

“The launch of the Bezos Earth Fund was a big step forward for climate philanthropy, and we are privileged to work with many partners to drive the transformations needed to address climate change, protect and restore nature, and advance environmental justice.”

We must harness the best of human ingenuity, adaptability, optimism, and collective action to create a shared future in which everyone can thrive.

The Earth Fund team is working every day on behalf of that brighter future.

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