Meet Dr. Kelly Levin, Chief of Science, Data, & Systems Change


“Climate impacts are unfolding around all of us. What it’s going to require is a number of different transformations.”

As Chief of Science, Data, and Systems Change at the Bezos Earth Fund, Dr. Kelly Levin focuses on harnessing the power of data, analysis, and evidence to drive our strategic direction.

Kelly also serves as the co-director of the Systems Change Lab (a collaborative initiative convened by the Bezos Earth Fund and World Resources Institute), which works to accelerate the transformational shifts needed to protect the planet.

These shifts require new ways of thinking across more than a dozen interconnected global systems, including how we:

  • Build our cities
  • Transport people + goods
  • Finance things
  • Power our lives
  • Manage our land, ocean, + freshwater

Kelly is dedicated to pushing for these transformations because this and future generations deserve to inhabit a world that is equitable, beautiful, and safe.

Curious to see what data and evidence is catching Kelly’s attention? 

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