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Incremental steps and half-measures will not bring about the transformational change the world so desperately needs. If we are to quicken the pace and scale of change, we must pursue new strategies and invest in bold concepts. Explore these big ideas and see how the Bezos Earth Fund is working to help the world take major leaps forward in the fight for our planet.

  • A rock formation several meters high jutting out of the ocean.

    Protecting 30% of the Planet by 2030

    Currently, just 15% of land and 8% of our oceans are protected. The Bezos Earth Fund supports initiatives working to protect 30% of the planet’s natural resources by the year 2030.

  • Satellites for Climate and Nature

    With data, we can track emissions and hold actors accountable for climate change impacts, yet too often, information isn’t available or accessible. The Bezos Earth Fund supports game-changing satellite tracking and other technology to show how human activities impact our climate and nature.

  • three women placing a plant in the ground

    Seizing the Historic Opportunity of Justice40

    Environmental harm has disproportionately hurt communities of color in the U.S. The U.S. Justice40 initiative was created to address this inequity by directing 40 percent of certain federal investments to disadvantaged communities. The Bezos Earth Fund is partnering with grantees to help underserved communities in the U.S. attract these resources to build health, wealth, and resilience while advancing climate solutions.

  • A row of school buses parked in a parking lot.

    Electric Buses for Health and Climate

    School buses that run on diesel produce dangerous air pollutants that impact the health of our kids, our communities, and our planet. The Bezos Earth Fund supports efforts to modernize and electrify school bus fleets across the U.S. and finally put fossil fuel-powered buses in the rear-view mirror.

  • Green stalks of corn sprouting out of the soil.

    Carbon-absorbing Crops

    Climate change can disrupt food availability and reduce food quality, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The Bezos Earth Fund is investing $1 billion by 2030 to help transform food systems to feed a growing population and create the next generation of crops to be nutrient-rich and climate resilient.

  • Inside a steel manufacturing factory. Molten iron is being poured into a furnace.

    Transforming Carbon-Intensive Industries

    Carbon-intensive industries like cement and steel account for 30 percent of global emissions. Technologies available today can slash emissions but only if stakeholders work together to overcome barriers. That’s why the Bezos Earth Fund is partnering with groups like the Mission Possible Partnership to establish green industrial hubs in Houston and Los Angeles to help trigger a net-zero transformation of seven industrial sectors.

  • Electric cars plugged in to charge

    Reaching Positive Tipping Points

    Positive tipping points – in which change triggers a large shift – are critical to solving climate change. The Bezos Earth Fund is working to ensure the scales are tipped in favor of a brighter future.

  • A person stands holding a hoe over their shoulder, overlooking a landscape in Rwanda.

    Our Ideas Advance Transformational Change for People and Planet

    Protecting nature and fighting climate change is a Rubik's Cube. No one issue or approach will be the silver bullet. That's why the Bezos Earth Fund focuses on several issues that will radically transform the way the world works. See how we’re deploying resources and supporting our partners to accelerate these shifts.
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