Driving Toward a Greener, Healthier, More Equitable Future


In October 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded nearly $1 billion for their new Clean School Bus program, helping schools across the nation transition to electric school buses. That’s exciting news for the millions of U.S. children who rely on school buses to get to school each day.

Exhaust from diesel buses is linked to health issues like asthma, poor lung development, and even cancer. And the greenhouse gas emissions from these vehicles increase air and noise pollution and worsen the climate crisis.

The Bezos Earth Fund partnered with World Resources Institute to establish the Electric School Bus Initiative to help school districts electrify their bus fleets. And this transition is already underway.

Transitioning the entire U.S. school bus fleet to zero-carbon power sources could prevent eight million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year, helping mitigate climate change while bringing cleaner air, quieter streets, and healthier kids.

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