Brazilian Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, is essential in regulating global climate, and serves as a vital lifeline for millions of people. The Bezos Earth Fund is committed to safeguarding this vital ecosystem.

Aerial view of Anavilhanas National Park. (Photo credit: Marcos Amend/WCS)

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is a vital hub of biodiversity and a critical ally in the fight against climate change. For the hundreds of Indigenous communities and millions of people who call it home, it is also a source of livelihood, sustenance, and cultural significance. Meanwhile, for the wider global community, the Amazon's health impacts weather patterns, agricultural productivity, carbon sequestration capabilities, and global climate. 

Recognizing this intertwined relationship between people and the Amazon underscores why its protection is not just an environmental imperative, but a fundamental priority for our survival.

Recent studies underscore the urgent need to halt deforestation, which is pushing the Amazon toward an ecological tipping point that could transform it from a carbon sink into a carbon emitter, exacerbating climate change significantly. Long-term protection of the Amazon necessitates a shift towards a sustainable and equitable 'bioeconomy' that leverages local knowledge and biodiversity. These measures involve generating economic value from healthy forests and sustainable agriculture, providing job opportunities, and improving livelihoods without further deforestation. 

Research also indicates that creating larger and better-managed conservation areas and recognizing and enforcing Indigenous and local community territorial rights, are essential to combating deforestation and climate change. It's proven that these communities are effective stewards of the land, resulting in significantly lower rates of forest loss and healthier forests. 

The Brazilian Amazon’s unmatched biodiversity, carbon sequestration capabilities, and role in regulating global and regional climate patterns make protecting it an international imperative. The Bezos Earth Fund stands with a coalition of funders and partners in its commitment to helping Brazil's government, local organizations, and Indigenous associations to protect this critical region.

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