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Continuous technological advance will be essential to get us onto the right path and some problems will require technologies yet to be developed. The Bezos Earth Fund helps to advance promising new technologies that will reduce emissions, remove carbon, and protect our natural systems.

A view of the Gulf of Mexico from space. Golden lines of light crisscross the globe where cities are and there are some clouds.

Many solutions needed to address global warming and conserve and restore natural ecosystems are available and scaling rapidly today – wind power, solar, and electric vehicles. Other necessary solutions are still ideas in the lab, in pre-commercial development, or just too costly to compete. But global warming won’t wait for us.

Innovation is the driving force across the Bezos Earth Fund’s climate and nature portfolios. We support promising new technologies and the innovators who create them. Our goal is to advance technologies with significant potential to reduce emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and protect natural systems. In the process, we work to address potential risks from new technologies and overcome barriers to their implementation.

The sooner we can bring new technologies to market, the sooner we can get emissions down toward zero. The faster we can innovate, the easier it will be to protect our forests and other natural systems. Alongside government and business, philanthropy has the power to move the best ideas from labs to market with more speed and certainty.

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