AI for Climate and Nature

Climate change is threatening lives and livelihoods around the world. The Bezos Earth Fund is fostering collaboration among innovators across climate, nature, and AI to create solutions that will deliver a healthier planet for all.

Bezos Earth Fund Vice Chair Lauren Sánchez unveils our AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge.

Leveraging AI to Address Climate Change and Protect Nature

Climate change and threats to nature are among the world’s biggest problems, and we want to find solutions that take advantage of one of the world’s biggest opportunities: artificial intelligence. AI is already helping people monitor greenhouse gas emissions, detect forest fires, and advance renewable energy — but it’s time to do more, faster. AI when used responsibly can supercharge efforts to design and deploy solutions to help protect our planet and our future.

The Bezos Earth Fund is proud to announce the multi-year $100 million AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge. Through the Grand Challenge, the Bezos Earth Fund will help unlock AI solutions for actors addressing climate and nature problems on the ground.

The Earth Fund is looking to work with those who already understand global frontline conditions and what it will take to make an impact. That said, we understand that AI is expensive and constantly evolving, and many practitioners don’t have the technology expertise, infrastructure, or funding to apply AI solutions on their own. Meanwhile, AI innovators understand the potential and practical application of rapidly evolving AI technologies but may not have experience implementing climate or nature solutions.

By creating new alliances among innovators across climate, nature, and AI, the Bezos Earth Fund will identify and support impactful AI-powered solutions. Rapid deployment of targeted funding — combined with access to mentorship and other in-kind resources — will help accelerate and nurture solutions.

The Grand Challenge will unfold across three years. The first round of the Grand Challenge will focus on driving impact in sustainable protein development, biodiversity conservation, power grid optimization and invite other innovative ideas across climate and nature. In keeping with our commitment to equity and access, the Grand Challenge will be open to people all over the world.

The submission process for the first round of the Grand Challenge will open in May – sign up below to stay informed about key dates and opportunities.

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